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Yellowtail Kingfish White Island
White Island and the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. is home to some of the worlds largest and hardest fighting Yellowtail Kingfish

White Island Kingfish
White Island KingfishGregs 32 kgs Kingfish, White Island aboard Diveworks Charters

Butterfly Jigging, Mechanical Jigging, Diveworks Charters
White Island and surrounding waters are home to Kingfish up to 60 kgs. The extreme reefy bottom can make it a real challenge to land these fish which are extremely hard and dirty fighters, and those wishing to target them need to bring plenty of terminal tackle. Our methods of catching these fish range from drifting both live or dead baits, (Mainly Makerel, flying fish or squid)around reefs 30 -120 mtrs deep using running lines and ball sinkers. Tackle 15 kgs upwards.

Diveworks is perfect for deep fishing and Jigging with a sideways drift and plenty of room to spread out ideal for 6 anglers at a time, knee braceing sides and ample toe space make for comfortable fishing (You can even sit down on the job if you like) 

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Mechanical Jigging

(Butterfly Jigging)

This form of fishing for Kingfish is starting to increase in popularity. Diveworks is perfectly set up for mechanical jigging with it's handrail lay out and has proved particularly suitable for Asian fishermen who prefer threadline reels.

We have several high quality Mechanical jigging rigs available for hire

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