Diveworks Charters

Diveworks Charters Photo Gallery 

Inshore fishing

Keatons rod caught crayfish Matata Snapper Whale Island Kingfish 

Rurima Islands Kingfish 22lb snapper caught at Whale Island  Click here to view full size...matata fishing aboard Diveworks Inshore fishing aboard Diveworks Click here to view full size...

White Island Fishing

19kgs and 35kgs Kingfish caught aboard Diveworks Charters  

Diveworks Charters Gregs 32kgs Kingfish White Island  

Sports Fishing
Stephs record Black Marlin caught on Diveworks Mahimahi caught aboard Diveworks Young lad catches first Yellowfin Tuna aboard Diveworks English tourist catches best clu albacore of the season aboard Diveworks 

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