Diveworks Charters

What to bring on a Diveworks Charters Fishing trip

Your sense of Humour, Camera, sunscreen, sunglasses, Hand towel, Lunch. cold drinks, beverages. If you would like to have a BBQ lunch then bring your sausages etc as we have a cooker which doubles as a BBQ.
If you wish to supply your own tackle/bait we recommend for;
inshore trips; Line 15-30 lb, sinkers 6, 8, 10oz. Hooks #2-#6. Trace 50lb. Long nose pliers. Terakihi flasher rigs. Offshore Trips.
Line 50-80 lb. Sinkers 10,12,14,16,18oz. Hooks #5-#8. Trace 80-100lb.

What not to bring

Buckets, fishbins, empty chillybins. (These items clutter floorspace, leave them in your car until you get in. Diveworks is equiped with 2x 100 ltr fish tanks where all caught fish are stored until we are in). *Preserved, non frozen Warehouse type baits. *Surfcasting type rods or handlines.

What to Wear.

* Windproof jacket and or wet weather gear, Waterproof trousers, Gumboots if you wish to fish from the back of the boat or boatshoes..

What not to wear.

Jandals, running shoes, ( These become extremely slippery on wet aluminium decks.)nor high heeled shoes, big floppy hats (These cause liftoff when travelling faster than 20 knots). Bulky jewellery and rings (could become entangled in fishing lines). Family pets (could get accidentally hooked, yes! this has happened)
and definatly not your best going out clothes.

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