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Follow this link for Diveworks Dolphin and Seal Encounters or this one for Whale Island guided walks.

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Whakatane is rated by many of the Worlds top correspondents as New Zealands best all round fishing destination.

Located East of the Central North Island, Whakatane is only 75 minutes drive South of Tauranga , East of Rotorua or 3 1/2 hours South of Auckland.

Inshore Fishing targets, Snapper, Gurnard, John Dory, Terikihi, Kahawai, Mackerel, Yellowtail Kingfish and many more tasty and sporty fish around whale Moutohora Island.

Deepsea fishing targets, Grouper which includes the locally known similar species, Hapuka, Bluenose, Gemfish and Bass. White Island fishing includes XOS Yellowtail Kingfish.

Sports Fishing in the summer season for pelagic fish such as Tuna including Yellowfin, Albacore and Skipjack. Marlin fishing for Blue, Striped and Black. most Sportfishing trips include regular sightings of dolphins and whales,

Our Charter vessel, Diveworks is a 10.5 metre (34 ft) and purpose built for local conditions and river bar crossing.

For bookings contact us at


Or Phone New Zealand (07) 308 2001

Freephone within New Zealand 0800 flipper 0800 3547737

SMS 027 628 0849

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Whakatane Coastguard Bar Camera

Met Office local Marine Forecast

Local Tide Table

Tides and moon

Bay of Plenty Regional Council wave buoy.

Dolphin and Seal swimming

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